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Land Sales.

Morrison Forestry & Real Estate Company, Inc. conducts land sales for landowners. MFRE monitors local land markets and maintains relationships with other brokers, and is able to provide prospective sellers with updated knowledge of regional markets. MFRE provides recommendations of timing, method, and values for land sales. MFRE also maintains contact lists of prospective buyers interested in purchasing recreational and/or investment timberland, and is often able to connect these prospective buyers to listing sellers. Finally, MFRE often acts as a buyer’s agent in helping prospective purchasers in land acquisitions. In all land sales transactions, MFRE provides complete disclosure of agency relationships to prevent any potential conflicts of interest.

Activities associated with land sales typically include:

• Inventory and valuation of property’s forest products (if applicable).

• Creation of GIS maps (forest types and detailed location maps) and sale prospectus for

• Advertisement and marketing of property to include appropriate media outlets.

• Other sales services as required.