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Timber Sales.

Morrison Forestry & Real Estate Company, Inc. conducts multiple timber sales for a variety of landowners annually. The size, area, timing, and method of sales are tailored to achieve individual landowner objectives. Because MFRE stays in touch with regional timber markets and buyers, we are able to maximize landowner profits through the sale of forest products. All harvesting operations associated with timber sales follow best management practices, and MFRE personnel individually supervise all logging operations to ensure that landowners are left with quality residual forests.

Activities associated with timber sales typically include:

• Recommendations of area, timing, and method of sale (lump-sum, per unit, or negotiated).

• Forest products inventory.

• Market valuation of forest products.

• Sale area boundary line delineation.

• Marking of forest products for selective harvests.

• Creation of GIS sale area maps and bid prospectus.

• Administration of bid process (lump-sum or negotiated).

• Preparation and execution of timber sales agreement/contract.

• On-site development of logging plan.

• Supervision of logging operations.

• Monitoring of forest product harvests (values and volumes), and reconciling removals with
mill scale tickets.

• Providing summary reports of harvest values and volumes, and disbursing timber sale

• Final inspections of condition of residual stands, roads, boundaries, etc.